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Stereo FM Radio Transmitter
    2 RCA component pairs mounted on rear panel
   Front panel mounted microphone jack (mini)
   individually volume controlled by rotary knobs on front panel
Configured for adjustability from approximately 0.5 uW to over 1 watt to comply with varying uses from LPFM (FCC Sec 95) to export specifications for commercial usage. Stereo and Mono modes available. Bandwidth of +/- 75 kHz with built-in limiter
                   Use either:
One Antennae Connection (BNC)
One RCA component Connection
 Synthesized 88 to 108 MHz (100 kHz steps) for no frequency drift!  
Professional quality for exercise clubs, realtors, drive-ins  
Microprocessor controlled for easy frequency selection  
The ideal campus or school Radio Station  
LED readout of transmit frequency
Updated for 2003! Includes line level monitor outputs, improved stereo separation and audio clarity!
Our line of FM Stereo transmitters have been the choice of enthusiasts the world over, but many folks have asked us for a professional radio station without the need for external mixers, filters and audio gear. In answer to these requests, we designed the FM-100, a truly professional frequency synthesized radio transmitter station in one easy to use, handsome cabinet. Most professional radio stations require a whole equipment rack to hold all the features weve packed into the FM-100. Set your transmit frequency easily with the Up/Down frequency buttons and the big LED frequency display. Plus theres input low pass filtering that gives great sound no matter what the source (no more squeals or swishing sounds from cheap CD player inputs!) Peak limiters for maximum punch in your audio - without over modulation distortion. LED bargraph level meters for easy setting of audio levels, even a built-in mixer with both microphone and line level inputs. Just plug in your mike, add a CD player or tape deck and youre on the air with a set-up and sound equal to most commercial stations! Churches, drive-ins, schools and colleges find the FM-100B to be the answer to their transmitting needs, you will too. No one offers all these features at this price. Order one and be on the air in hours! Kit includes sharp looking metal cabinet, whip antenna and built-in 110 volt AC power supply. For extra long range, check out our high performance FM Broadcast antenna below.
We also offer a high power export version of the FM-100B thats fully assembled with one watt of RF power, for miles of program coverage. The export version can only be shipped outside the USA, or within the US if accompanied by a signed statement that the unit will be exported.
Note: the 1 watt export unit requires an external antenna, and can not be used with the whip antenna.
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