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Event Radio Transmitter
300 to 3000 foot range! (Terrain and structures effect range)

Dealer Inquiries Welcome
Micropower FM Radio Transmitter can be used to get your message out to your customers or your members.
Advertise real estate, announce specials, Church events, movie schedules, parking information or anything else.
Go as far as your imagination!

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  • FM Radio Transmitter
    Transmit high-quality FM stereo from any location.
    Use any available FM Radio frequency.
    No License required!
    Meets all FCC requirements for Part 15 operation.

  • Built-In Audio Storage
    Internally record up to five minutes of audio for playback.
    Solid-state design has no moving parts.
    Your message is protected against power failure.

  • User programmable
    Simple controls allow all settings to be quickly changed.
    Record a new message or change transmit frequency in seconds.
    Security settings prevent unauthorized tampering.

  • Multiple operational modes
    Repeat internally recorded message, or...
    Transmit audio continously from external source, or...
    Alternate between External and Internal audio.
  • Rugged And Dependable Construction
    24-hours a day, seven days a week, all year around.
    Solid-state design is immune to dust, noise and humidity.

  • Two-year warranty!
    Designed and built with pride in the U.S.A.
  • For more information or to arrange a demonstration, call us at 702-722-1790.

    Dealer/Distributer Inquiries Invited!

    All major Credit Cards accepted!
    Purchase orders accepted from government, schools and qualified businesses.
    Leasing Options now available though Marlin Leasing

    NEW! Custom front-panel logos available with minimum purchase.
    Put your name in front of your agents and customers!

    7.8" Wide x 10.8" Deep x 3.1" High
    (19.8cm x 27.4cm x 7.9cm)
    4 Pounds, 10 Ounces
    (2.1 Kg)
    Power Requirements
    12VDC to 15VDC
    0.5V Maximum ripple
    (110V Power Adapter included)
    Audio Storage
    5 Minutes audio storage
    High-Quality 6.4KHz Sampling Rate
    FM Transmitter
    Crystal-controlled Phase-Locked-Loop (PLL) frequency synthesizer
    US Version tunable from 87.1MHz to 107.9MHz in 200KHz steps
    European and Asian versions are also available.
    Outdoor Enclosure

    An available enclosure allows the unit to be mounted outdoors.
    Rugged, sealed box protects the transmitter from sun, rain, wind and vandals.
    Suitable for exterior walls, billboards, trailers and other locations.
    A battery may also be added for locations where power is not always available.
    Remote Control

    Remote interface can used when transmitter is installed in difficult-to-reach locations.
    All monitoring and control features are available through the remote control,
    which can be detached and put away when not in use. The same remote can be used on
    multiple transmitters.

    Victorville, California
    Fax: 760-951-5555

    Quick programming guide
    Step-by-step instructions for programming the Information Radio Transmitter.

    Advertising Flyer
    One-page advertising flyer.

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